Audio Architect Apparel

Of all the things I could have gone and done with my spare time, starting a streetwear brand is not what most people would have assigned to me!

Audio Architect Apparel was born in the October of 2015. I say born, more like a growing idea had turned itself into a logo and not much else. It was over the next few months when these initial ideas turned themselves into something a little more tangible.

Our Edison print was the first tee we produced. The picture above was the first draft mock up we created. The Tee isn’t the ones we ended up using but this was just to give us a visual of what we wanted to accomplish.

May 12, 2015


It was that look in their eyes that first gave me the idea. It was a sort of look you might find read more tweet share share  Related

April 29, 2018


One of my favourite designs we’ve done has to be the MixTape and MixTape Rewind tees. read more tweet share share  Related

September 19, 2018

Audio Architect Apparel Cassette MixTape T-Shirt

Discharge Inks

Here at Audio Architect Apparel we mainly use a type of screen printing which uses a process called read more Related

October 1, 2018

William Sturgeon

Have you ever been to Whittington? Wouldn’t surprise me if you hadn’t. I stumbled across the place read more tweet share share  Related

October 3, 2018

Raw-Edge T-Shirt

The Raw-Edge Audio Architect Apparel jersey tee has fine detailing around the neck and sleeves. A Raw-Edge read more Related