The story of sound we listen to today is entangled in social change and individual perseverance. The event’s in this time line, I think, are an integral part of the history of music as well. Some events may seem a little irrelevant to actual sound, but they were events in history that changed society and eventually went on to influence individuals and social groups to create new sounds that spurred new ideas.

One thing is very clear, the entire history of sound is interlinked with social movements, the musicians, and the technology. Without the combination of all 3, we would have a single one of them.

This is a growing a list, so bare with me…

Early History

c500 BC

Pythagoras theorises that sound vibrates. Later, Aristotle suggests that air carries sound.


Leonardo Di Vinci confirms Aristotle’s theory.


Galileo demonstrated that pitch is determined by the frequency of the soundwave (the grandfather of acoustics)