Is Lyocell A Good Fabric?


Lyocell is a natural, man-made fibre. It’s made from wood pulp created through the use of nanotechnology. Lyocell fabrics are amazingly eco friendly and are a giant leap forward in sustainability within the clothing industry and it’s 100% biodegradable.

How is Lyocell made?

Lyocell is made from a wood pulp cellulose (a structural component of the primary cell wall of green plants and incidentally is the most abundant organic polymer on the planet). The production of Lyocell involves a revolutionary solvent spinning process.

Within this process, a closed loop circuit recovers, purifies and reuses the solvent. Because of this closed loop circuit there is only 0.5% by product. This is such an efficient process and it’s 100% organic since it’s based on a natural raw material.

Caring for Lyocell Fabric

  • Lyocell typically shrinks about 3% with the first wash. It will resist shrinking after that.
  • Lyocell is a delicate fabric. Really it should be hand-washed only in cold water with a gentle detergent.
  • You should where possible drip dry your garment.
  • If you’re lucky enough to have a washing line, you can shove it in the dryer for a short time but stick a damp towel in the dryer as well. This will soften the fabric.
  • Some Lyocell garments are Machine washable, always read the label. Using a gentle cycle though!
  • Ok, so you’ve got a crease… If you’ve got to get the iron out, use it on warm only. Too much heat might burn your garment.

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