Shrouded in darkness at the back of the room, except for the pearl-pale light of one of those giant sound desks with all the knobs and flashing lights, Billy Idol, knew what the thousands of tiny knobs and buttons did. With no qualifications, a CV filled with famous bands and armed to the brim with a ridiculous haircut, this guy, had forged a career in a profession that I never knew existed. I had finally found my calling. The house lights came on and it became apparent that Billy Idol was not in fact Billy Idol he was just the sound engineer. I would have said something but the mind was so astonished that someone would walk out their front door like that that it made speech pretty much impossible. But still, I was packed full of wonder.

My impressionable mind stubbornly set on the road to rock ‘n’ roll. I enrolled on a college course and pestered my way into a job pushing and painting speaker boxes with the local sound system supplier, who also happened the own the local rehearsal rooms, recording studio and venue. I watched and helped many touring artistes come through the venue, and many local bands have forms of success. One day a band by the name of Engerica asked if I could step aboard their tour bus (a Ford KA and Vauxhall Corsa) and take sonic responsibility.

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