1. The Brand

    1. Familiarise yourself with Audio Architect Apparel’s Mission
    2. Familiarise yourself with Audio Architect Apparel’s Vision
    3. Familiarise yourself with Audio Architect Apparel’s Goals
    4. Represent Audio Architect Apparel at
      1. Product Launches
      2. Events
      3. Trade Shows
  2. Strategy

    1. Work Closely with Sales and Marketing Staff to Conceptualise Marketing Campaigns and Strategies.
    2. Brainstorm Ideas and Participating in:
      1. Product Development
      2. Training
      3. Workshops.
  3. Education

    1. Work closely with customers to guide them through the customer journey, onboarding and brand story.


    2. Work closely with retailers and guide them through the brand story.


    3. Work closely with distributors to guide them through the brand story and help them understand the brand about our products.
  4. Content

    1. Like or Follow Our Social Media Pages
      1. Facebook
      2. Instagram
      3. Twitter
      4. Spotify
    2. Share Brand Message and content on your own Social Media Networks
    3. Post an image of any Audio Architect Apparel product twice a month on either Facebook or Instagram with hashtag;
      1. #aaathreads
      2. #audioarchitectapparel
    4. Creating website and social media content in order to drive brand awareness and attract new customers
    5. Create Content for Social Media that includes
      1. Images
      2. Video
      3. Blog Posts
    6. Write Editorial Commentary on Products for use in Product Descriptions
    7. Build a rapport with customers and vendors within social media platforms
  5. Expansion and Growth

    1. Identify New Ambassadors and Grow the Audio Architect Ambassador Program
    2. Grow the Audio Architect Email List
    3. Building rapport with customers and vendors.
    4. Find new opportunities for Audio Architect Apparel to partner with like-minded people, artists and brands
    5. Identify and Make Contact with Potential Retailers
  6. Feedback

    1. Give Feedback on All Aspects of Audio Architect Apparel
    2. Vote on New Designs
    3. Track Customer:
      1. Preferences
      2. Metrics
      3. Media Campaigns.
    4. Monitoring Customer Feedback
  7. Maintaining a Positive Image of the Brand at all Times

    1. Help Identify Concerns Before They Happen
    2. Escalating Complaints to the Appropriate Department