Audio Architect Ambassador Program

Our Ambassador Program

BETA V1.01

We know you love our threads. We see you, everyday posting amazing social media content supporting us and our cause. The Audio Architect Ambassador program plays a pivital part in spreading awareness of our brand story and most importantly gives something back to you super-sonic people.

How it Works

The Audio Architect Ambassador program is our way of saying thank you.

Every ambassador gets a unique Ambassador Code allowing them 10% off all the products on site. Every time someone purchases using your Ambassador Code you are handsomely rewarded. The more you promote, the more benefits you’ll receive.


  • Special Giveaways
  • Monthly discount codes
  • Official Audio Architect Apparel swag
  • ££ Commissions ££ (extra income)

Ambassador Requirements

All brand ambassadors are required to complete the following:

  1. Follow us on at least one social media platform:
    1. Like our Facebook page: @audioarchitectapparel
    2. Follow our Instagram: @audio_architect_apparel
    3. Follow our Twitter: @audio_apparel
  2. Post an image of any Audio Architect Apparel product with hashtag #aaathreads or #audioarchitectapparel twice a month on at least one of these platforms: Facebook or Instagram
  3. Check Out Our Spotify Playlist

**There’s absolutely no fee to join or requirement to sell!


Reward Structure

Title Eligibility Reward
Bronze Sign up 10% commission
One time discount 15%
Ambassador Kit
Silver Generate £500+ in sales per month for 3 consecutive months 15% commission
Monthly discount code 30%
Upgraded Ambassador Kit
OR Contribute more than 2 pieces of blog content a month.
Gold Generate £1000+ in sales per month for 3 consecutive months 20% commission
Monthly discount code 50%
Upgraded Ambassador Kit
Or Contribute more than 2 pieces of blog content per week.



The Brand Ambassador Program consists of 3 levels.
Every applicant automatically becomes a Brand Ambassador (Bronze) and receives a one-time personal discount code.

Levelling Up:

In order to earn Bonus opportunities or Level Up to receive additional rewards, ambassadors must meet the eligibility requirements listed on the “Reward Structure” table above.
“Months” are calculated as a calendar period.
You can only receive Swag benefits one time for each Bonus opportunity or level reached.


Silver Ambassador: Once reached, guaranteed to stay at this level for 6 months. Then must maintain monthly £500 sales minimum (can be average of past 3 months) or move down.
Gold Ambassador: Once reached, guaranteed to stay at this level for 6 months. Then must maintain monthly £1,000 sales minimum (can be average of past 3 months) or move down.
These guaranteed minimum time periods also apply when moving down a level (and not just when leveling up).

2 Ways to Generate Sales:

Tracking Discount Code: The offer for your Tracking Discount Code varies. To see the current offer, please log in and access your Ambassador Profile. Any eligible order that uses your Tracking Discount Code will earn you commissions.

Tracking Link (In Development): Any orders generated after clicking on your Tracking Link (as the last click) will earn you commissions. These orders can use any eligible discount code offered.


Monthly Commissions for individual orders will show up on your Ambassador Profile once the order ships. This may take a few days.
Commissions are paid out monthly.
Commissions are paid out at the end of the month and cover commissions earned during the previous calendar month(s).
Ambassadors can receive commission on their own orders but only up to a rate of 10%.
To receive commission credit using your tracking link, every purchase must be made directly after clicking on your tracking link (as the last click) and not on an ad or email.
Commissions are calculated based on the purchase price paid after Discount, shipping and transactions fees have been applied.
All commissions are paid through PayPal. Ambassadors must sign up for a PayPal account and add it to their Ambassador Profile.
All commissions paid out through PayPal that are not claimed within 30 days will automatically be forfeited.
Commission percentages apply to B2C orders only. Commission percentages for B2B orders may vary.


Ambassador kits may take up to 30 days to ship.