There sneaked onto the whiskered face of the man sitting beyond the grand mahogany desk a look of disappointment; the wounded pup look that declares to the world you have once again over estimated your own abilities. The careers adviser, advising that I not pursue a career that involved mathematics, english or science, patted me on the back, with enough force for two careers advisers, and pushed me through the door wishing me a good life.

There are moments in Life when you need to grab Opportunity by the hand and push it in a forwardly motion, much like a shopping trolley. As anyone who has pushed a shopping trolley will know, there is a certain element of fortune that goes with commanding such a vessel. In rookie hands they become a lethal weapon; browsing for biscuits then veering off connecting with a pyramid of tinned fruit. At moments like these I find an adaptive attitude comes in exceptionally useful. On this particular occasion it was Life that reached through the tinned fruit, grabbed my grubby collar and pulled me into the local music venue where I met a man that changed my life; Billy Idol.