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There are things in your life that are constant. Things like sunrise, breathing and the incessant nattering in your head. Then we have things that you like to have in your life. One of those constant things for me, beside those we spoke of earlier, has been Get Cape. Wear Cape. Fly.

Get Cape, to those that know him, or Sam to those that know him better, has been in my life for pretty much 20 years give or take.

Sam Duckworth would come into Maple Studios with various versions of different bands from about the age of 14. He has always had a tenacity  like no one else I’ve ever known. He has a love and understanding of music that is deeply passionate. In his teenage years he’d put gigs on at Chinnery’s in Southend and he’d get bands from across the globe to come and perform. To say he was committed to the cause is an understatement.

So why is this date stamped 2008? Well, this was the first tour I did with Sam. I was asked to join the tour as sound engineer, not because of my connection with Southend, or my history with Sam, but through a mutual friend and generally jolly decent chap, James Clayton.

And since that cold February morning in 2008, Sam and I have had a wonderful, growing friendship. It’s an honour to count him amongst my friends.


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